Regular Rates Effective April 1, 2024 *

Weekday Rates (excluding Holidays)

Weekday Rates Walking With Cart Winter Rates ***
18 Holes
$22W $38W/Cart
9 Holes
$15W $23W/Cart

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Senior Rate 60+ (excluding Holidays & Weekends)

Weekends & Holidays

Senior Rate 60+ Walking With Cart Winter Rates ***
18 Holes
Weekends/Holidays Walking With Cart winter rates ***
18 Holes
$26W $42W/Cart
9 Holes
$18W $26W/Cart

Golf Rental (Left hand clubs available)

Golf Club Rental
Club Rental
Pull Cart
Rider Fee 18 Holes
Rider Fees 9 Holes

Savings Ten Play Cards (No Expiration / Mon - Friday only) **

Savings Ten Play Cards Walking With Cart
Senior (60 and Over)
Regular (59 and Under)

Annual Pass

Annual Pass
Family Pass (age 21 and under in house hold)
Individual 1 Year w/ Cart Usage
Individual 1 Year Walking

Pro Shop

Snack Bar and Alcohol available for purchase (all alcohol must be purchased on site)

Golf Tournaments, Private and Corporate Outings available.

Contact us for more information  (417) 743-2860 or via email  attn. Mitch Behnen at

*Rates subject to change without notice
*Rider fees are at the discretion of the Pro-Shop
*All carts due in 15 minutes prior to sunset sunset

** 10 Play cards may only be used by person who is named on the card and only valid on Mondays-Fridays non Holidays.

*** Winter Rates are from December 1 Thru March 31.

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